Miss me? Don’t fret my darlings, the seven day hang-over from cheap champagne was just a rumor and I certainly have not been attacked by the cheetah being taxadermied for the living room (though he was not happy).

I am simply taking some time off ~ a holiday of sorts to find inspiration, drink from coconuts and have a love affair with a certain somebody.

I will be back in April with a deep golden tan and delicious tips on how to live everyday like a vacation…

Ta ta for now!


Gone are the days when tech gadgets would come in only the most unsightly colors, shapes and patterns. Now that my iPad is a daily ‘must-have on me at all times’ item – on par with my lipstick and my Amex card (online shopping in the waiting room, anyone?), – it’s imperative that I have nothing less than the chicest carrying case to protect and tote my newest tech obsession. Enter luxurious quilted leather iPad case by Marc Jacobs. It looks like a purse, only it isn’t, which is why it’s just such a divine little accessory in my book. I mean really, what woman would be caught dead toting around one of those horrid nylon sleeves in one of those appallingly bright and tacky geometric prints. Now I just can’t decide which I love more: my iPad or its case! Oh the stress of decision making…

Marc Jacobs quilted leather iPad case, $495; bergdorfgoodman.com


I am just mad for my latest arm candy (and no, this one doesn’t come with a holiday house in the Caribbean). Edgy, sexy and well polished, I really think I’m in love this time. My Hermès Medor watch has it all. As both a bracelet and a timepiece, I can be chic and punctual – two qualities that could’ve really worked in my favor during those fashionably late, unfashionably dressed years at uni. Of couse, now that I’ve rid myself of such wretched qualities, I can rest assured that I’ll be looking utterly fab and arriving precisely on time to Georgina’s much awaited garden party in Hampstead next week.

Hermès Medor watch, $3,850; hermes.com