Lately it’s just been one soiree after another. With all that champagne I’ve been sipping (heavily sipping) and the complete lack of sleep I’ve been enduring (the things I do to maintain my social graces), I’m starting to develop a tiresome complexion that even a hot bubble bath and a foot rub from a dashing Italian masseuse couldn’t fix. Mum just sent me the yummiest aromatherapy sprays by SPONGE, and in a fashion similar to that of mummy’s dramatic expression where her eyes light up like a pair of sparkling diamond earrings in a black velvet box upon tasting or smelling something decadent and delicious, I can see and feel my face glow with a renewed radiance after just a couple sprays of this highly therapeutic and intensely rejuvenating beauty ‘must’. C’est magnifique!

SPONGE Skincare aromatherapy mists, $45;


Winter is only made bearable by my fantastic resort vacations each season: Seychelles, Capri, Cabo San Lucas. When my departure date is not soon enough, I take a mental journey to Mexico through the scents of the NARS Acapulco candle. It smells like a combination of everything naughty and wonderful: velvety chocolate, whipped cream, coffee bean, cocoa powder, and creamy vanilla. It is so intoxicating, I can already feel the sand beneath my feet, the warm Caribbean air, and envision a waiter bringing over a fresh mojito.

Nars Acapulco Candle, $50;


When you drink as many lattes and glasses of Merlot as we do, frequent teeth whitening sessions are crucial. But given our winter travel schedule, which has us chasing the sun from ski chalets to deserted beaches and everywhere in between, it’s nearly impossible to find time to fit in a dentist visit. Enter the new Glo Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device, which allows us to amp up our smiles while watching late-night Real Housewives reruns. Using a combination of gels, blue light and a highly effective (if highly unattractive) mouthpiece, this brilliant piece of tooth technology can whiten your chompers up to five shades in five days. Plus, it promises to do its job without heightened tooth sensitivity — so there’s really no excuse not to opt for that extra demitasse of espresso in the morning (much needed after a night of televised cat-fighting).

Glo Brilliant Personal Teeth Whitening Device, $275;