This tub reminds me of that fabulous weekend last Spring when the girls and I took a seemingly relaxingly weekend jaunt to the English countryside for Cordelia’s hen’s party and discovered the most delightful hotel in Lucknam Park. (Of course upon arrival, what really ensued were copious amounts of champagne consumption and curious whispers from the hotel staff). Regardless of our reputation in Lucknam, I wish I were there now soaking in the hotel’s decadent bathtubs. This beautiful, freestanding, footed one from Drummonds transports me right there, and I must say, I would relive that awful, bubbly-induced hangover all over again to take just one more indulgent dip.

The Torridge, $4,325;


The last place you’d expect designer CC Skye to have started her now famously fashionable line would be in the Himalayas, but alas, this cutting-edge clothing/handbag/jewelry designer garnered inspiration for her coveted brand while studying abroad in Kathmandu, Nepal. Much like I garner my own inspiration for collecting luxurious items, men, and tans from beautiful destinations worldwide, CC derived hers from this spiritual land where she was creatively inclined to produce city-chic streetwear with the help of local Nepali seamstresses – an effort to try and achieve a personal sense of familiarity and luxury in such a simple land so far away from home. I spoke to CC recently where she told me a little bit more about her latest favorite little luxury:

“I love everything Chanel. I have Chanel lamps, blankets, and even a surfboard… which is one of my favorite pieces in my house. Being a beach girl, who could ask for more?”

Woven Shield Necklace, $875, Enamel Hinge Cuff, $190;
Chanel Surfboard;


I love everything that’s soft and luxurious. Whether it’s my great grandmother’s vintage mink coat from the 20’s or my decadent flokati rug I purchased while in the Pindus of Greece, these timeless collectibles from my past not only make me feel soft and cozy on the outside, but also exude an air of classic romanticism – each one making its mark on my lifelong obsession with luxurious lust objects. My new Adrienne Landau throw and pillows are certainly no exception. Sexy, smooth and supple, you’ll find me cozying up to these divine wintertime snuggle-magnets all season long.

Adrienne Landau throws and pillows, from $150-$2,500;